Me Too…

Alright, this blog is starting to look like my life has just been one long nightmare. Not true. However, I have done a lot of soul searching since the Me Too movement began. I have not added Me Too to my FB because that is one more thing my friends and family do not need […]

And life goes on…

I am a survivor of a suicide attempt, an abusive marriage and now I am thus far a survivor of cancer. Yay me! In August I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer, in September my entire thyroid was removed and here it is the end of December and I’m feeling good. I have to say, being […]


Ok, well I’ve been working my ass off at a new job for the last 9 months. It is a soul crushing shit job with great hours and better pay than I had at the job I loved.  I’ll get into the details later, suffice to say keeping your head down and working away only […]


I saw an article today talking about a way to sleep for 15 minutes and feel like you slept for eight hours and was intrigued. I assume they mean you feel fully rested and ready for a full day but what the hell does that feel like? I have had sleep issues my whole life, […]

THe Fog Recedes

Sometimes I think it is better not to see clearly, BP might be why I hate swimming anywhere but pools. With any body of water there is a danger of drowning and that makes me anxious but who the fuck knows what else is down there?!?! Sharks? Snakes? The kraken?? Anxiety is my constant companion […]

Treading The Same Old Path

BP cycling is just like bi-cycling…you never forget how. Right now I’m pausing to look around me and recognize the familiar sights of a down swing. Not sure how long it took me to notice I stopped smiling and found nothing very interesting but now that I look there it is! Being able to work […]

2016 Update!

Wow, time flies! So what has been going on? Well, I’ve been working. Since my last post I’ve worked 40 hours a week at the group home I started at. I cut those hours in August and added being the bus aide on a special needs school bus. At that point, and for 7 months, I […]