Weird how things work…

Medicaid update…STILL NOT APPROVED.  Apparently the “new systems” they are using won’t allow them to approve me…no reason, just won’t let the social worker hit approve button.  I was told that in a week or so they should have gotten back to her about how to fix the problem.  She seemed a little nervous when I told her I’m bipolar and off my meds…maybe because I have her full name and she is in the local office (evil laughter here).  Everyone seems to think bipolar = violent…if she were a churro or a cream filled doughnut then she might have reason to be afraid of me!  Those are my favorite treats on earth!


Well, I’m not entirely off my meds…taking really low dose so I don’t become incapacitated from withdrawal.   Funny thing is that I know I’m not completely ok but I feel good.  I’ve been drinking Green Machine, that fruit and veg juice, instead of two meals a day and I feel hungry but good.  My anger is in control and I’m not as near a depression as I was even with the newest ex-hubby problems.  I guess eating mostly fruits and veggies helps clear the mind??


Most recently my ex has stopped payments he agreed to instead of carrying insurance for the kids (which makes him in contempt of court but the attorney I talked to said it would cost me more money that it would be worth to take it to court).  He also just came back from India where he spent a week or so working and a week or so on vacation with his girlfriend.  Upon his return he decided that he was going to charge me with a felony (no idea) if I didn’t pay him $6000 or $7000 because he decided he shouldn’t have had to pay anything to me for insurance even though we had a signed agreement about it. WTF?!?!?  I still don’t get it.

Some of his motives might have to do with the fact that he wants to buy a house for himself and his girlfriend “really soon”.  I filed a motion with the courts to make him pay towards our eldest child’s college so I’m waiting for the shit to hit the fan and have him try to kill me or something.  He will do something I know but there is nothing I can do until he strikes…if I weren’t so mellow these days it would probably send me over the edge but I’m meditating daily and it really helps me release the turmoil I used to lock inside.


My TMJ has been bothering me a lot as has the tooth I broke in December but without insurance there isn’t anything I can do for the TMJ and I don’t really want to go to a free dentist for a major issue…kinda worries me.  I’m not getting call backs on jobs I’ve applied for, I’m thinking they may be looking at my FB page and finding my posts about bipolar and “losing” my application,  and I was waiting to start my business until I was medicated again but I’m going to just put out fliers and see how that goes.  Oh, the tv died today so I need to order a $100 part to fix it but I don’t even have that much for the rest of the month so that gets to wait…  DONE


I’m just so freaking done with all this crap.  I’m not depressed though, just kind of bowing to this world of shit and hoping it doesn’t break me.





Down we go…

Right now I wish normal people would have to go through this descent into hell so that they would have a glimmer of an idea as to what it is like to be crazy.  I was dreading night coming on…everyone is asleep and and I can feel depression hiding in the corners waiting for me.  I’m realizing that when I’m feeling good the world is very solid, where I walk there is traction so that I move forward instead of slipping and sliding and spinning when the world softens around me.  Without my meds everyday is a run through a maze never knowing where I might end up…

I’m holding on as hard as I can to the rope that keeps me on the REAL path rather than wandering off into the wild.  Right now there is a switch in my head that is either on normal or on hopeless.  The switch wants to flip but I’m holding it on normal with all my strength.  I can feel the ghost tears running down my face and the echo of the ache in my chest that will be there when I lose my grip.  I know what it is going to feel like and I know it will be like taking a step off a precipice…fine and then not.


Boring can be good…

Well, I haven’t posted much for awhile for one very good reason.  I found normal…I think.  I found myself at a point where I could get up every damned day and get my kids to school and then…boredom.

BOREDOM!  I wasn’t sleeping during the day and I wasn’t swinging hi and lo…I just wanted something to do with my time so I stepped up my job search.  I felt comfortable with changing my life because I felt stable and I needed a change.  No one wanted to hire me of course but hey…

I even fell on the ice and gave myself a mild concussion and after about a week and the headaches subsided mostly I was ready to DO something with my time.

THEN, my youngest child told me she was sick when I picked her up from school.  She had a 103 degree fever which lasted for 10 DAYS!  First thought it was flu then Dr said it was strep then 2 days later while the fever was 103.8 an xray showed it was pneumonia.  It took two weeks but she was able to return to school and a month after that she has mostly stopped coughing.  She did have a bit of an allergic reaction to her antibiotics but she got through it and is now mall walking with me.

After battling for my little girl’s health I decided to start looking at hiring myself out to do errands, cook, pet care etc..  I could work on my own terms that way, mostly anyway.  It is a frightening idea for me to put myself out there and see if anyone will respond to my fliers.  I keep revising the design and questioning myself…I decided to just do it when I found out my application for medicaid had been lost in the system or canceled.

I applied in December directly to my local office and called to check on the status of my app several times and then it just didn’t exist anymore.  That was kind of the last straw….I’m out of meds and out of the bag of samples my Dr could get me and my new application for medicaid, which I filed as soon as I finally heard back from my caseworker that I had no existing application, is still processing.

I don’t believe in fate or luck, this kind of shit just happens…but it makes me sad.  I’m dizzy and forgetful right now…I can’t remember names of things.  I’m sad because I’ve done everything I was supposed to and there is no one I can even file a complaint with or explain that this is a problem because no one is willing to be responsible.

I get to watch myself sink back into the swamp of confusion, anxiety, and mood swings until I don’t remember there is another way to live.  Maybe I’ll get “lucky” and by some amazing chance my medicaid will be approved before I’m lost again.  Maybe I’ll get to start my business….fuck.


I hate being angry

I thought I was almost at an arrangement with my ex for some help towards our eldest’s living expenses.  Then, our younger daughter spent the weekend with him and comes home upset because her dad and his parents spent an entire dinner badmouthing me and her sister.  Apparently I am just begging for money to throw away.  Less than $2000 a month for 3 people to live on is tight in the best of times where we live.  Rent is about half of that which leaves the 3 of us living la vida loca!!

I swear only that family could blow off the fact that it is going to be a hard Christmas this year.  I became so angry I started to cry while I was driving and almost thew up.   I’m just so ANGRY!  I finally got a call from the non-profit I applied to and once my background checks are done I’m getting at least 2 evenings a week…about $160 which will help greatly.  Of course, even though the ex works near our youngest’s school and lives in the same suburb we do he won’t drive our youngest to school or pick her up because it would inconvenience him.  So I’m on my own with finding a way to get her home when I work evenings because I can’t work mornings…6 am to 2…because arriving at work by 7:45 or 8 am is just too awkward for the ex. :( Aawww.

I’m so pissed I’m so pissed I’m so pissed!!!

I emailed my ex mother-in-law some bitter truths…like the fact that her son has been known to scream at her until she cries for asking how he is doing.  That is a big fucking elephant in the room to ignore!  They are mad and hurt by my eldest not wanting to let them control her with their money but their son is SUCH A GREAT PERSON!!

My book needs to really take off or I need to find the energy to write a better one so I can let my ex ruin any hope of his kids putting him in a decent retirement home and not have to deal with him anymore!!

My anger has me shaking and there is no way in hell I’m going to be able to sleep.  I want to scream!!

I need this….

so tired…

I love this time of year, the cold weather, the snow, strings of lights glowing, baking, nostalgic songs, and extra family time.  I look forward to this season all year because it is when I am least depressed…I love my family and spending time with them for the holidays.

This year is turning out to be a tough one but I am going to have a great season no matter what!  Of course it is hard when I’m just so tired of fighting and worrying.  Yeah, the ex-husband is still trying to control us.  My attorney in the last court case (contempt filed against me out of the same need to control everyone) told me I have to get along with my ex and that even with the transcript of my ex’s demanding time with our daughter with no warning and outside his normal visitation times I would be found guilty of contempt for not letting him have his way. Fine…I have to grovel every time he speaks to me.

My lawyer said the fact that my ex doesn’t help our oldest daughter with college, even though in our state it is customary and would be upheld by a judge, I have to go to court again to ask for it.  Dearest ex won’t offer her help unless she spends time with him…after he ignored her when she was suicidal…while he insists she is a lesbian because her best friend since 6th grade is.  While he and his family are openly derisive about her chosen field of study and like to condescendingly call my family Mexican (like that’s a bad thing?) even though they know we are Basque?

Currently I am ditching my checking account because of fees and plan to open another one so I requested that ex to give me the money for the kid’s insurance in cash instead of a bank to bank transfer or to transfer it to my eldest daughter’s account so I can get the banking stuff set up again.  That was 2 days ago…he doesn’t want to be bothered to drive to an atm so he has to “think” about it.  Last I knew this man makes over $8000 a month and pays the 3 of us less than $2000 in alimony and child-support…and he didn’t bother to even wish our eldest a happy birthday this year because she didn’t cancel all her plans for her retired grandparents when they just decided they were going to come the 2 hr drive over to visit.

I’m tired of money being an issue that my ex controls (thus the possible job with autistic adults), I’m tired of BEING controlled, I’m tired of being forced by the fact that my ex can afford to take me to court for anything to bow to him, I’m tired of not being able to protect my children by law, I’m just so freaking tired of it all.

The most frustrating part is that he knows I won’t give up or walk away because I can’t while my youngest daughter is subject to visitation with him.  I have 5 years left of dealing with him before I can choose my own battles…before my youngest leaves the nest for college.  These are important years, years I need to make every memory I can before she has flown away…Just like the years when we were still married I have to overcome the negative presence of my ex and keep teaching, supporting, and loving my kids enough for two parents.  I love them so very very much.


Fear vs. Anxiety

Ok, what is the difference between fear and anxiety?  According to the definitions they are interchangeable words, so why has the world named the debilitating feelings that so many of us have “anxiety”?  In my mind I see anxious as an uncomfortable nervous feeling and “fear” as…well…FEAR!  A gun to my head would make me fearful not anxious.

What I’m trying to say is that people with “anxiety disorders” are belittled by the name of the illness.  In my case when my “anxiety” is a problem fear, pain, terror, and despair are words that are much more accurately descriptive.  Spiders make me anxious, I heard that you are never more than 10 feet from one and the fact that the little suckers are lurking makes me nervous when I think about it but I’m not afraid of them…I even like jumping spiders, they have little smiley face markings on their backs after all.

I guess I’m feeling some stress about my job interview in the morning.  I looked up FMLA so that if I love my job but my “issues” flare up I won’t get fired but I have to work 12 months first to get FMLA.  This pisses me off even more after being turned down for SSI…I feel helpless and to the world in general worthless.  It reminds me of the support group I went to ONCE.

After I accepted my BP diagnosis I wanted to talk to other people that live their lives with BP.  I got up the nerve to go to the only group meeting in town, it didn’t go well.  The group leader told her story which was how she had to cut back her volunteer work a little after diagnosis but still held her full time job and cared for her children.  WTF?!?!  It turned out that there was a man there that hadn’t slept more than 2 hrs a night for 3 weeks due to a manic phase and another that wasn’t eating at all…I was hurting in a lot of ways, some sleep issues, depression, anxiety, and a big HOPELESSNESS.    You know what she preached at us for an hour and a half?  Eat right and exercise…there was no time to talk and support each other, just this woman’s golden words on how to be ok just like her!! (I’m still a little annoyed)

Anyway, I have been submerging myself in books to stave off the fears creeping up on me and I realized this has been my coping technique since I was a teen.  I remember reading  books and crying when I would finish them, my parents didn’t get it at all.   Finishing a book can be so difficult, the dome of safety and acceptance a good book can provide evaporates when the last page is turned and I’m left alone to deal with the sadness and pain.  I hate it.

None of this really matters I guess, the world is not ever going to be a safe and happy place for me but I take the good stuff where I find it.  As long as I can keep moving forward I will be ok.


Good Bad and Indifferent

Just opened my denial of SSI benefits letter, apparently they disregarded my anxiety issues and decided I could do menial repetitive work.  Thanks guys, I look forward to the lobotomy too :)  What a bunch of crap, in effect they consigned me to 30 years of assembly or cashiering.  Being an honors student in college I’m fairly sure I’d go postal in those positions if I could handle the anxiety issues which have knocked me out of much much much better jobs. It seems like a bad idea to consign a possibly suicidal person to a future of repetitive work.  Maybe its just me….

I guess when I think about it, the worst part of the denial is not being able to get Medicaid.  I am quite happy that my state accepted the Affordable Healthcare Act AND I found out you don’t have to go through the website if you are needing the medicare expansion, our DHS will handle that if you go talk to them…I wonder why no one says that on the news?

Anyway, I’m very excited because the denial came on the same day one of my long-shot job apps produced for me.  I’m really really hoping that working directly with real people will help me bypass the anxiety issues I have and let me accomplish something.  I have a job interview Monday for a position working with Autistic kids and adults!  I believe this might be something I can do, I hope, I pray, I beg and I plead that this is something I can do.

Ex-husband update!  He took me to court again in October claiming I was keeping him from seeing our youngest daughter which was total b.s. spurred on by his girlfriend.  Almost 4 weeks after starting to see this chick she moved in with him…along with her six year old daughter.  He wined and dined her, took her to meet his parents and even before they moved in together he had promised her a big house and servants as soon as he finished paying me alimony…they told me this to my face.  It became obvious this chick was going to do whatever she could to hold on to the good thing she thought my ex was.

Long story slightly shorter, she turned out to be abusive to her daughter and the 3 yr old she only had every other weekend with.  This was not the deal breaker for my ex, it was that she was all angry and no fun when her kids were around.  This weekend she is moving out and taking her daughter to live in another state, even my little one who hates younger kids feels sorry for the little girl. My ex actually told our daughter that when her stress levels are lower his now former girlfriend might make a reappearance!?!? I guess being abusive towards your kids is not a character flaw for him.


Sleep calls,